Emma ClausewitzEdit


A female merchant from the Holy Roman Empire. A quiet person at first glance, Emma is a person with a lot of personal connections and uses her personality well to adapt to different national situations making her a nice person to be with. Coming from a family once renowned for Mediterranean-East route trade, her house is already at a downfall. To revive her family, Emma set out to sea as determined and unfazed as ever.

Biography: "Hey! You want some spirit?! Lets toast for the time being~!"


State Level Limit Adventure Maritime Trade
HN(22% Bonus) 40
HN(22% Bonus) 1
N+ 30
N+ 1
N 20
N 1 700 600 1350


Skill Effect Max Level Obtaining Condition
Expert Fukkake Overcharge for extra profit when selling trade goods. 10 First Awakening
Second Awakening
Legacy Skill

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