The main story of Uncharted Waters 5 is unique in the sense that it is a requirement for players to complete these story quests in order to progress in the game, unlike the online version. Also, tutorials are incorporated into the main story quests instead of being separated like Uncharted Waters Online.


The following is a summary of the quest lines:

No. Title Location Action Remarks
1 Sailing Basics Lisbon Acquire 300 NP Acquire first ship
Scout 3 navigators with NP
Click (file: prepare to sail), click (file: organize)
Organize your navigator positions, then click (update)
Sail to Valencia
Valencia Click (trade), complete tutorial
Buy raisins, click (confirm trade) Acquire 1 emergency ballast
Sail to Lisbon
Lisbon Click (trade), click (sell all), click (confirm trade)
Click (quest), accept petty thief extermination quest
Click (menu), click (interact), pick your choice of allied ship
Click (prepare to sail), click the pirate ship with scroll icon, confirm and sail Acquire 500 NP upon completion of battle
Click (shipyard), click (confirm repair)
Click (menu), click (glossary), click Klaus Huygens at navigator section, click (legacy details), click (start legacy)
Sail to Valencia
Valencia Receive West Mediterranean Chart from Nina Acquire West Mediterranean Chart 1, 2
Sail to Barcelona